A Superstar Rangefinder Binoculars 2022 In Details

Bushnell has always been a leading brand in the rangefinder binoculars market for reliable products. That is why you can place your faith in its next-generation Bushnell Fusion Laser Rangefinder 10×42. 

It is designed especially for long-range shots; therefore, we promise its high performance will not let you down. So, why don’t you scroll down this article for more detailed information?

10x42 Fusion Bushnell Rangefinder binoculars in action bestbuybinoculars
10×42 Fusion Bushnell Rangefinder binoculars in action bestbuybinoculars

Overview of Bushnell Fusion Laser Rangefinder 10×42

In terms of rangefinder binoculars, Bushnell developed the Fusion Laser Rangefinder lineups, which include 2 separate configurations. The first one is 12×50, and the other is 10×42. Each one is better at each field so that you can decide according to your preferences. 

Now, let’s look into some technical info about Bushnell Fusion Laser Rangefinder 10×42 and Bushnell Fusion Laser Rangefinder 12×50. We promise their potential numbers will amaze you in some ways.

Technical Data Bushnell Fusion Laser Rangefinder 10×42 Bushnell Fusion Laser Rangefinder 12×50
Brand Bushnell Bushnell
Size Standard Binoculars Standard Binoculars
Magnification 10x 12x
Objective Lens Diameter 42mm 50mm
Exit Pupil  4.2mm 4.2mm
Twilight Factors 20.5 24.5
FOV 305 feet 252 feet
Close Focus 10.5 feet / 3.2 m 10.5 feet / 3.2 m
Eye Relief 18mm 16mm
Prism  Roof Roof
Focus System Center Focus Center Focus
Diopter Adjustment Left eye Left eye
Optical Quality Prisms and Prism Coatings: BaK4-glass

Lens coating: Fully Multi-Coated Optics.

Glass type used: Extra Low Dispersion (ED) 

Light transmission = 95 %

Prisms and Prism Coatings: BaK5-glass

Lens coating: Fully Multi-Coated Optics.

Glass type used: Extra Low Dispersion (ED) 

Light transmission = 95 %

Gas Filled  No No
Weatherproof Waterproof and Fogproof Waterproof and Fogproof
Chassis Material Metal Metal
Uses Hunting

Outdoor Sports


Marine Use

Wildlife Observation

General use


Outdoor Sports


 Marine Use

Wildlife Observation

General use

As you can realize from the board, these binoculars deserve to be promising options for the best rangefinder binoculars. In this article, we will try our best to provide more comprehensive information about the Bushnell Fusion Laser Rangefinder 10×42. And if you are interested in the other product, check out the next article instead.

Detailed Review and Analysis

Flexible And Versatile For Various Uses

As other typical binoculars, this Bushnell Fusion Laser Rangefinder 10×42 can deal with most activities. Even though they are not hunting binoculars, many hunters still use them for hunting due to their outstanding performances.

It comes as a surprise when you realize that they can be used for endless purposes, such as wildlife watching, bird watching, army, outdoor sports, etc.

10x42 Fusion Bushnell Rangefinder binoculars bestbuybinoculars
10×42 Fusion Bushnell Rangefinder binoculars bestbuybinoculars

Superior Technology

With the XTR technology, they will maximize the light transmission via the PC-3 Phase for clarity and resolution. More importantly, the waterproof and fogproof RainGuard HD allows these unique lenses to work well and do a high performance even in adverse and extreme conditions. 

Its magnification is impressively precise, bringing perfection into a rangefinder. It is a rare option if you are looking for a good bargain on rangefinder binoculars. 

Produces Top-quality And Bright Images

When it comes to binoculars, the top concern of all customers is image quality. With this Bushnell Fusion Laser Rangefinder 10×42, you can expect crystal-clear images, even when your target is standing in front of you. That is all thanks to their up-to-date technology.

High Level Of Eye Relief

The higher millimeters of eye relief are, the lesser the damages to your eyes happen. This great pair of binoculars with 18mm eye relief will help prevent eye damage normally caused by strain. In other words, eye relief reduces the tendencies that users will harm themselves when you are targeting objects.

Weak points 

Comparable Horizontal Distance

Even though it is a great item, it is not a perfect pair of binoculars for some minor cons. When this Bushnell Fusion Laser Rangefinder 10×42 at the bow mode, it only displays the comparable horizontal distance to only 3000 feet. 

For beginning hunters, that is not an extremely important factor. But for professionals, it is worth considering before making the final decision. It is also known as ‘Angle Range Compensated,’ or ARC, distance.

Insufficient Accuracy For Long-range Distance

We have to admit that it does an excellent job in short-range shooting. But it cannot offer enough accuracy for longer distances. Its ballistic functions have been limited to less than 2400 feet.

Bushnell Fusion 10×42 vs. Swarovski EL 10×42

Now you know why Bushnell Fusion 10×42 binoculars are perfect for outdoor adventures, especially for low-budget customers. But if you still have no idea, we will make an easy comparison with high-end Swarovski EL 10×42 to prove that.

Factors Bushnell Fusion 10×42 Swarovski EL 10×42
CLARITY 8.5 8.5
FOV 8 9
PRICE 10 8.5

We believe Swarovski EL 10×42 deserves to be the final winner. It stands out from the others in most fields, especially the image’s quality and, most importantly, ease of adjustment. Unfortunately, not all customers are willing to pay that much money for rangefinder binoculars. 

Price range is the only aspect that the Bushnell Fusion 10×42 outperforms the Swarovski model. Compared to the high-end competitor, it is not a bad choice with all decent features, especially at that affordable price.

Overall, professionals appreciate Swarovski EL 10×42 more for superior performance, but Bushnell Fusion 10×42 is a sensible investment, especially for hunters with limited budgets. It is worth the price you spent.

The Bottom Line

If you want to own a pair of good-quality binoculars at an affordable price, Bushnell Fusion Laser Rangefinder 10×42 is an item that you should not ignore. Not only this model but also other Steiner binoculars do have a prominent performance.

These full-size binoculars help you overcome and succeed in all outdoor activities. Besides hunting, they are suitable for hikers, nature observers, campers, and sports spectators. 

To sum up, Bushnell Fusion 10×42 is a wise investment, so don’t hesitate to add it to your cart immediately? In case you have more questions about this product, feel free to contact us. 

Thank you for reading!