Where to buy binoculars in the US? 2022 List

where to buy binoculars 2022 update bestbuybinoculars
where to buy binoculars 2022 update bestbuybinoculars

Choosing a binocular of choice is one thing, getting it from a location where it’s sold is another. There are also plenty of places selling binoculars that you can easily be overwhelming or complicated. To answer the question of where to buy binoculars, below are some of my recommendations for the best offline and online places that sell binoculars.

Best offline places to buy binoculars

1. B&H photo video

Where to buy binoculars
B&H photo video at 34th street in Manhattan

Founded in 1973 and located at 420 Ninth Avenue on the corner of west 34th street and 9th avenue in Manhattan, New York City, is the largest non-chain photo video equipment retailer in the United States. Professionals in the world of imaging rely on the professionals of B&H for their equipment needs. We have experts ready to give courteous service with just a phone call, a click of a mouse or even a personal visit


  1. Great customer relation
  2. Reasonable prices with great discount
  3. Wide variety of products for binoculars of different categories


  1. Prices could sometimes spike
  2. They have a pretty hard policy on returning merchandise 

2. Orion telescope center  

Orion telescope center-Cupertino-California
Orion telescope center-Cupertino-California

Orion telescope center is located in 10555 S De Anza Blvd, Cupertino, California and also in Watsonville, California. It is a long-running telescope & binoculars specialist carrying equipment for novice to expert astronomers. The store specializes in selling telescopes, binoculars, and accessories online and in store for astronomy and birdwatching. It was founded in 1975.


  1. Friendly and pleasant, they are extremely helpful and knowledgeable
  2. Pricing is very affordable and fair
  3.  Excellent selection of goods


  1.  Store employees are not enthusiastically helpful
  2. Outrageous shipping cost

3. Optics4birding

Making expert choices since 1992, store located at 19 Hammond #506, Irvine California they are a passionate group about birding, they have a range of birding optics and accessories that are perfect for getting the most out of this engaging pastime. Optics4birding has optics for any budget from beginners to serious enthusiasts, researchers and birding tour operators.


  1. Good prices
  2. Comprehensive selection of a full range of the finest optics
  3. Knowledgeable and patient staffs


  1. With the store they run online business more

4.  Orange county Telescope

orange county telescope santa ana
orange county telescope santa ana

The orange country store has over 25 years of experience in helping amateur astronomers in the store, on the phone, via mail, in the user group and social media, their one passion is seeing you grow in interests and knowledge in the hobby of amateur astronomy. They are known for selling the right equipment to customers and granting support. Located in 2216 N Main St, Santa Ana, California.


  1. Excellent service and super friendly staffs
  2. Great advices and great prices
  3. Knowledgeable staffs


  1. The staffs are sometimes pushy in asking one make choices

Online stores for buying binoculars

1. Amazon

buy binoculars in amazon

Amazon.com is an American multinational technology company based in Seattle, Washington that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. Beyond all of these, it is a great online store. Amazon sells optics products most especially binoculars and even provides a lot of details and even customer review information on it. Amazon is the world leading E-commerce(online store)


  1. You get all your products at cheap prices
  2. Products are quite reliable
  3. Product reviews are made available online making choice complete


  1. Sometimes what you see online might not be what you get
  2. Defective product could be sold and time will be taken to correct it

2. Optics planet

buy binoculars in Optics planet
buy binoculars in Optics planet

Opticsplanet.com is the flagship store of opticsplanet.inc, they offer brick and mortar know-how and customer care combined with the diverse product selection and extremely competitive prices of an internet retailer. They are recognized as one of the world’s leading online retailers of a wide variety of optics products. Their reviews and product recommendations are very impressive ads and commendable too.


  1. They provide customer reviews on their products
  2. They provide lots of detailed information on their optics
  3. Highly interactive website


  1. There are no reviews for products that have never been bought

3.   Outdoors Bay

Buy Binoculars in Outdoors Bay
Buy Binoculars in Outdoors Bay

Ourdoorsbay.com – It is the biggest selection of binoculars, night vision goggles and telescopes with the most competitive prices to be seen and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The best deals are found on the big brand names here.


  1. Amazing prices for products
  2. Wide range and variety of product names from popular to unpopular
  3. Easy to access site


  1. High shipping cost

4.   Binocularsplus

Where to buy binoculars in the us
Buy binoculars in Binocularsplus

At binocularsplus.com, expert-level knowledge is brought together from the latest optical technology with a passion for the outdoors. The site was founded to create the best destination online to learn about and shop for binoculars accessories. They believe in sharing a passion for optics and binocular accessories. The goal is to get you the perfect optics that you want, then you can continue that hobby of yours you love so much.


  1. Very competitive price
  2. Best brand products available in variant
  3. Secured payment options


  1. Products purchased online could be defective

As you can see, buying binocular from each channel has its own pros and cons. It lays upon you to choose the most convenient place to make the purchase, just need to make sure that you got good quality binoculars which satisfy all of your need, suitable with the budget range and provide good warranty services.