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Swarovski Optik Company
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Swarovski Optik is a division of the Swarovski group of companies, manufacturing high-quality optical instruments. Its headquarters are in Absam, Tyrol, Austria.

In the begining, Swarovski created rifle scopes that were use on German Mannlicher M1895 and Karabiner 98k.

Swarovski crystal – the world’s renowned jewelry brand – are the ones producing many fantastic optical products, one of which is the best 10×42 binocular

The list of Swarovski Binoculars model:

Swarovski binoculars price: $1.000 – over $3.000

The cheapest model: CL Pocket 8×25 Binoculars ($910)

The most expensive model: EL O-Range 10×42 Binoculars ($3.770)

Swarovski binoculars warranty:

In addition to ergonomic design and innovative technology, our products are also distinguished by unmatched quality. We check every production step and every individual product for 100% quality prior to delivery. We therefore grant our customers an extensive warranty.

Our repair and service department will be happy to help you at all times if you have any further questions about the warranty on Swarovski Optik products.

Swarovski competitor:

Vortex, Leica, Zeiss

How to choose suitable Swarovski Binoculars:

Best 8.5×42 Binoculars: Swarovski EL 8.5×42

Best 10×42 Binoculars: EL O-Range 10×42 Binoculars

Best 10×50 Binoculars: Swarovski 10×50 EL