Celestron Nature Dx 8×42: Is this the one for your nature sightseeing?

Another Celestron binoculars for terrestrial use? Below $150 sounds like a real deal. Bring out some more criteria to the field and we’ll analyze whether this Celestron Nature Dx 8×42 can perform as your expectation. Here’s what’s deeper assessment of this Celestron binoculars reviews:

Celestron Nature DX ED 8x42 review: best for nature view ?
Celestron Nature DX ED 8×42 review: best for nature view ?

Celestron Nature Dx 8×42: overview 

The full name of this, including the numeral model is Celestron 71332 nature dx 8×42 binocular. Besides being a good option for low-medium budget, these Celestron binoculars are specialized for being package friendly for your outdoor activities. Which means, it is handy, light and durable. Especially, the design fits better with small size hands, older kids or women perhaps. The performance of image and light should be more than decent. Plus, it is waterproof binoculars. 

No more rambling, let’s jump straight into the first statistics:

Technical specification of Celestron Nature Dx 8×42


Above is the technical data of 8×32 vs 8×42 models from Celestron Nature dx (taken from Celestron homepage). But 8×32 vs 8×42 is not the topic to discuss here, let’s leave Celestron Nature dx 8×32 behind, and move on to our main spotlight, the 8×42 model of Celestron Nature dx.

Celestron Nature Dx 8x42 product
Celestron Nature Dx 8×42 product

Decision making criteria for Celestron Nature Dx 8×42

Field of view and close focus distance

  • Field of view: Let’s compare to 2 other samples to see: 

The Nature dx 8×42 binocular has lower ability of far watching than its brother, the  8×42 Granite binocular, which is among the top performance in terms of field of view. But to Nikon Prostaff (330 ft), it is significantly better. 

Hence, this category of the Celestron 71332 nature dx 8×42 binocular is much more than fine, but still far from the top level. We will grade it as 7.5/10 for specific.

  • Close focus distance: 6.5 ft is a good figure for close focus distance. Watching flowers would be amazing with this Celestron Nature dx. On the other hand, occasional insects watching would be great either.

Image quality 

On to the most important criterion of this Celestron Nature. 

It’s quite surprising that we witness a fully multi-coated lens cover and BAK-4 prisms with phase-correction in this cheap binocular. Which means, the brightness quality, as both theoretical expectation and realistic experience (of us), is just wonderful. Besides good light transmission, the large exit pupil of 5.25 mm does make you feel like receiving a rich amount of light to your eyes. 

For contrast in normal conditions, it is good, no complaints but not so outstanding. The image is both in high contrast and sharpness. For color, it is nice to know that the tone is neutral and natural. Although it is not as vivid as some high end binoculars like Leica Ultravid or whatsoever, but for the segment of the Celestron Nature, it is one of the best 8×42 binoculars.  

Chromatic aberration is also the same. We do witness a little amount of color fringing, and it is sure recognizable. That little quantity is not acceptable to other 8×42 binoculars of high tier, but for the class of Celestron Nature Dx 8×42 binoculars, it performs far better than expected and shouldn’t cause you annoyance at all.

Softening images is an advantage of this Celestron Nature Dx 8×42 binoculars. The softening effect is just slight enough to be far better than other medium range binoculars. To sum up, here is our specific grades for image quality characteristics:

  • Brightness: 8.5/10
  • Sharpness: 8/10
  • Contrast: 7.5/10
  • Chromatic aberration: 7.5/10
  • Softening image: 8.5/10

Weight and dimension

Swarovski SLC – Slim, Light, Compact, is an example for compact binoculars. It is 28 oz from the 8×42 binoculars model, 5.9 x 4.7 x 2.5 (inch) in dimension from official Swarovski material. However, the Celestron 8×42 Nature Dx is 22 oz and 5.3 x 4.9 x 2 (inch) in size, lighter and takes a little less space, and much less amount of money. 

In terms of package-friendly and holding-friendly, the Celestron 8×42 Nature Dx even beats the slim, light, compact model of Swarovski. That should speak for the benefit you would earn choosing these Celestron binoculars.

In fact, you would find nearly no effort bringing along in your hand for the whole trip. We would grade 9/10 for both weight and dimension of this Celestron 71332.

Build quality

The chassis is made from polycarbonate, typical material to have the lightweight characteristic. However, the durability might not be as other higher price binoculars. It is just a little bit better from the Celestron Dx 8×42 to other mid-range binoculars.

Celestron Nature Dx 8x42
Celestron Nature Dx 8×42

Also, the rubber armour of this Celestron 71332 is just average thick. But the good thing is that the surface feels quite comfortable in the hand (soft we guess) but it is texturized a little bit to have a comfortable grip, which means more safety in bad weather occasions. Last but not least, these Celestron 8×42 Dx binoculars are waterproof binoculars. 

Ingeneral, here’s our grades to have a clearer view:

  • Chassis: 7/10
  • Durability: 7/10
  • Grippiness: 7.5/10

Eye relief 

17.5 mm should be more than enough to bring comfortable experience for eyeglasses wearers.



This should be the weakest part of the Celestron 8×42 Nature Dx binoculars. You would have the carry case, the neck strap, objective lens cover and rain guard. They are not cheap terrible additional stuff, but sure you could easily find something better.

In general, we would grade 6/10 for this criterion.

Celestron warranty

In general, Celestron offers a 2 years warranty. It’s up to you to judge this criterion based on this information.

Celestron Nature DX ED vs Vortex Viper HD

If you still consider the buying decision, this comparison with a higher tier option might help. In fact, the Vortex Viper HD 8×42 is $463, which is considerably more expensive ($300 more compared to the same model of Celestron Nature DX). Well, but let’s see what it takes to buy more expensive options, should you or should you not pay more.

Field of view & close focus range

Not much to discuss, this is just a numbers comparison. For field of view, 410 ft of Vortex Viper is better than the 388 ft of Celestron Nature DX. However, both are good. 

For close focus distance, the 6 ft of Vortex Viper is slightly better. But we would not consider it a difference.

Vortex Viper HD
Vortex Viper HD

Image quality

Perhaps, under normal conditions you hardly tell which is better. They both receive rich brightness and produce sharp images. However, there is one detail that speaks for the price tag.

At the edge, the Vortex Viper HD still renders quite crispy images. Meanwhile, the Celestron Nature DX ED shows clearer blurry effects outside the focus area. Of course, it wouldn’t affect the experience a lot, it’s still OK for us, but we definitely realized it. 

Ease of adjustment

The Celestron Nature DX has a really smooth focus knob and eyecups. We are just not pleased with the diopter adjustment, it feels a bit stiff. However, in terms of frequency of use, it is not as much as those of focus knob and eyecups, so it’s acceptable.

On the other hand, the Vortex Viper HD has an easier to adjust diopter. Meanwhile, we feel that the focus knob is not as smooth as that of the Celetron one. 

Weight and dimension

Weighing at 24.5 oz, The Vortex Viper HD is considerably heavier than the Celestron Nature ED. On the other hand, the Celestron one is a bit smaller in terms of size than the Vortex Viper (5.6 x 4.9 inch). However, the Celestron Nature feels a bit small in a large palm. Well, it’s best to check our scores above for reference.

Low-light performance

Now, this is where it proves why there is price’s difference. We have a picture of a cloudy day to compare, look below:

celestron nature dx ed vs vortex viper hd
celestron nature dx ed vs vortex viper hd

You will find out that the picture rendered from Vortex Viper HD is bright and crispy overall. The Celestron Nature DX while, still collecting enough light and producing fine details for the main area (the bird). But the sky area is a bit darker, which make the overall brightness of the whole area darker. Perhaps, the Vortex Viper HD is better at solving the shadow.

Should you buy the more expensive one?

When it comes to money, take money as the first step. Only you can answer yourself: “Is my financial situation comfortable enough?”. If it’s a “totally yes”, then we would recommend buying the more expensive one.

But what if it’s a yes but “I still need to consider more”. Well, then the next step is to know what really makes the difference.

The first difference is from the clear image at the edge from Vortex Viper. The second thing is the low light performance.

Finally, decide yourself if you really need it. If you just want binoculars that deliver the basic performance when it comes to image quality and low-light performance, then the Celestron Nature DX ED will make you more than happy. But if you want to take it serious AND you’re financially comfortable enough, go for the Vortex Viper. 


Celestron Nature Dx 8×42 ideal uses

Celestron Nature Dx 8x42 Safari
Celestron Nature Dx Safari

With splendid optics features, lightweight and small size, this Celestron should be fitting well with bird watching, nature sightseeing, sports spectation. Hunting might be a little bit tougher as it requires a more contrasted and vivid view, but we’re sure it’s much more than fine for hunting. Here’s the recommending grades:

  • Bird watching: 8.5/10
  • Sports spectation: 8.5/10
  • Hunting: 7.5/10
  • Casual nature sightseeing: 8.5/10
  • Marine: 5/10

The verdict 

It’s quite obvious. Celestron Dx 8×42 is a cheap option. If the question is whether it fits casual purposes for outdoor trips, hunting, sports, definitely yes. The reality is that the image quality, weight and dimension performs far far better than what should be in a below $150 binocular.


If the question is whether it fits professional uses. We always recommend you to consider other high tier products rather than this Celestron Dx 8×42. You can revise some of the criteria above of this Celestron binoculars reviews to see why.