Stabilized binoculars Fujinon TECHNO-STABI 12×28: Good but not great!

Stabilized binoculars are tough to justify. Overall, we have been quite satisfied with these Fujinon binoculars, however, there are some flaws that need to be shown. Moreover, we’re very excited to put it in a battle with another stabilized binoculars – the Canon IS 12×36. Now, reviews straight down below!

Fuji Techno Stabi 12x28 Stabilized binoculars review bestbuybinoculars
Fuji Techno Stabi 12×28 Stabilized binoculars review bestbuybinoculars

Fujinon TECHNO-STABI TS 12×28 Stabilized binoculars – overall & specs

Generally, you could use this stabilized binoculars for most outdoor activities. Personally, we prefer sightseeing on a boat with it. Priced at around $650, to be honest, $650 is the high-medium segment for regular binoculars. However, in the stabilized binoculars world, it’s ok to classify these Fujinon binoculars as affordable. 

For more information, the TECHNO-STABI series from Fujinon is all about stabilized binoculars. Hence, if you’re looking for this category in Fujinon binoculars, search “TECHNO-STABI” for various suitable option.

Fujinon TECHNO-STABI TS 12×28 Stabilized binoculars

Magnification 12
Objective diameter (mm) 28
Field of view (°) 4.2
Field of view at 1000m (ft) 239
Exit pupil (mm) 2.3
Twilight factor 5.4
Eye relief (mm) 16.5
Minimum Focus Distance (ft) 11.5 ft
Product dimension (inch) 5.8*4.3*3 (H*W*D)
Weight (oz) (w/o Battery) 17.1 
Adustment range for interpupillary distance (mm) 56-70
Dioptric adjustment range (±mm) ±2
Battery CR2 x1
Water Resistant Yes
Operating temperature -10℃~+50℃
Prism Porro

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Fujinon TECHNO-STABI TS 12×28 Stabilized binoculars – Strengths


The continuous shape design of stabilized binoculars makes it seem to look large. However, checking the actual dimension of product (5.8*4.3*3-inch), it’s ergonomic. And indeed, this Fujinon binoculars would fit any luggage. Hence, this Techno Series binocular is very lightweight. So, no having to worry about the inconvenient carrying experience at all.

Optics quality

In terms of brightness, it has done great. We received a rich amount of light transmitted, the view was also very clear. There’s one more thing to concern, we leave it the the section below.

Image quality 

Details while, were also sharp, totally satisfied. The Contrast of this Techno Series has nothing to be worried about. However, there’s a point worth mentioning: we felt that the color rendered was a bit vintage. So, it’s up to your taste to define.  The picture below may describe best what we mean.


Linear field of view

To be honest, 239 ft is not so impressive in 12x binoculars. However, it’s still a satisfied option in the stabilized binoculars segment. The field of view from these Fujinon binoculars is still better than the Canon L 10X42 (65m ~ 213ft). 

Water resistant

Being water resistant is not the best practice you could get. Yes, it’s NOT waterproof! However, these Fujinon binoculars still provide a certain protection to environmental factors. 

Eye relief

16.5 mm means that it’s comfortable for eyeglasses wearers in most cases.

Build quality 

The Fujinon Techno-Stabi Series uses rubber armor. We felt that the outer covering was thick and strong. Of course, the chassis is made of polycarbonate, you cannot expect aluminum here for such affordable options like these Fujinon binoculars.

Mostly the whole body is textured to provide grippiness for avoiding slippery. Therefore, it feels even more secure. 

Fuji Techno Stabi 12x28 Stabilized binoculars product shoot
Fuji Techno Stabi 12×28 Stabilized binoculars product shoot

Fujinon TECHNO-STABI TS 12×28 vs Canon IS 12×36 Brand battle

Now this is where you would concern a lot right? First of all, about how you get the image stabilization:

  • The Canon IS 12×36 requires you to press the button AND hold that button to get the image stabilization.
  • The Fujinon binoculars, on the other hand, allow you to press the image stabilization mode on and leave it there until you turn it off or it goes into battery saver mode.

So which is more comfortable? At first, we thought that the Techno-Stabi Series from Fujinon binoculars won. However, after asking some friends and customers, some would choose the Canon IS stabilized binoculars. Maybe it depends on the duration of needing image stabilization. Meanwhile, there’s a point that you should take notice of for both these stabilized binoculars. 

  • How the Techno-Stabi Series operate requires a large amount of battery burn. Hence, if you don’t shut the image stabilization mode off after using, you wouldn’t get a lifelong battery usage.
  • On the other hand, since the Canon IS requires holding the button, focusing while stabilizing might be a bit troublesome.

In terms of stabilization image, these are our personal thought for both:

  • The Canon IS is the type of stone-hard stabilized binoculars. In less movement conditions, it resolves a really good image. In this case, it’s a definite win for Canon IS. 
  • However, the Fujinon binoculars are more flexible. In tougher movement conditions, we felt more pleasant with how the Techno-Stabi Series solved everything out.  This footage of Christopher Witt from B&H might be the best example

Therefore, it really depends on your activity to decide which is better. If things happen on a canoe, we would prefer the Fujinon binoculars. But on a nice day on the river, Canon IS is a better choice. 

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In terms of brightness, we felt that the Canon IS is a bit brighter than the Fujinon binoculars. Last but not least, the Canon IS 12×36 has fold down rubber eyecups. Meanwhile, the Fujinon Tech Series stabilized binoculars are made in twist-up style. Again, you decide which is more suitable.

Fujinon TECHNO-STABI TS 12×28 Stabilized binoculars – concerns

  • This might be because we are tough on these Fujinon binoculars, but we did see some flares. That’s not the optimal optics we were expecting.
  • The most annoying experience is the modifying pupillary distance. The action is quite stiff to be honest. Hence, finding the most suitable dial fit is not so convenient. This is something that makes you feel like, it seems the overall experience is just nice, but there’s still something wrong.
  • Angular field of view from this Fujinon Techno-Stabi Series is among the great options in the market. Compared with its main alternative, the Canon IS 12×36 stabilized binoculars offer 5 degrees, while the Fujinon binoculars offer 4.2 only.
  • This may not be something you would consider a lot: close focus distance. However, 11.5 ft close focus distance is still not a good figure.


Fujinon TECHNO-STABI TS 12×28 Stabilized binoculars – the verdict

After all, this is still an affordable option IN STABILIZED BINOCULARS SEGMENT. Which means, we believe that you would get more than what you pay for. 

Things to consider are: the style of image stabilization you prefer (see the battle vs Canon IS again); the pupillary distance and angular field of view. However, we think that there’s still much more you would benefit than what you are concerned about.

Last but not least, leave any comment or concern below. This would help us grow this community.