Pentax binoculars AP 8×30 WP: Is it a blindbuy?

Priced at $90, these Pentax binoculars are among the top suggestions for cheap options. To be honest, this is our first Pentax binoculars product review (we hope to have more to go), and Pentax is not our priority in blindbuy list (it could be Bushnell or Nikon). However, we’re sure that this Pentax AP 8×30 has many interesting features to follow. Now, let’s dive into the detailed analysis and make your own decision. 

pentax binoculars ap 8x30 wp product bestbuybinoculars design
pentax binoculars ap 8×30 wp product bestbuybinoculars design

Pentax binoculars AP 8×30 WP: specifications & overview

Pentax binoculars belong to Ricoh Imaging – a Japanese manufacturer specialized in types of digital camera and other optics products. For your concern, though this is not important to us, Pentax binoculars are made in China. You can find that detail on the box, anyway, many other electronic products are manufactured in China as well, so it’s not something abnormal to us. To our understanding, Ricoh is quite well-received in Asia markets such as Hongkong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan,…

This Pentax AP 8×30 WP is a pocket friendly option, from $90, depending on WHERE and WHEN you buy it. 

  • Details: 
pentax binoculars ap 8x30 wp product bestbuybinoculars
pentax binoculars ap 8×30 wp product bestbuybinoculars
Product spec Figures 
Magnification  8x
Objective diameters 30 mm
Field of view 367.5 feet at 1000 yards 
Angle of view 7 degree
Close focus distance 9.85 feet
Exit Pupil Diameter 3.8  mm
Eye Relief 17.2  mm
Interpupillary Adjustment Not Specified By Manufacturer
Focus Type Center
Tripod Adaptable Yes
Dimensions 6.2 x 4.7 x 2.2 (inch) (L x W x H)
Weight 16.2 oz
Prism  Porro 
Glass type  BAK-4
Coating  Multilayer 
Waterproof  Yes 
Fogproof  Yes 


To maintain the highest accuracy of these 8×30 binoculars’ information, we generated the data above from the Pentax product site.

Pentax binoculars AP 8×30 WP: The good and the concerns


Field of view

The Pentax AP 8×30 WP reaches 367.5 feet at 7.0 degrees of angle of view. In comparison, this is significantly better than the Prostaff 7s 8×30 from Nikon (341 feet and 6.5 degrees). So what do we have here? A relatively long field of view product with quite a large angle of view: quite comfortable experience!

  • For this characteristic, we rate 9/10

Optics quality

With the antireflection and multilayer coating, the light transmission of these Pentax binoculars have done well. The viewing experience on our spring trip was quite bright, clear and clean. Surprisingly, at this cheap option segment, we could find a binocular that could prevent very tiny loss of light at the edge like this Pentax AP 8×30 WP. Moreover, the antireflection has done a lot better than expected. 

We guess it’s a smart move from Ricoh imaging to use porro prism to compensate for not being able to produce full-multilayer coated (usually porro prism binoculars show better optics and image quality than roof prism, but it’s heavier).

  • For this characteristic, we rate 8.5/10

Image quality 

Now let’s be clear here. Honestly, there are criteria in this sector that these Pentax binoculars did well, and there are that they certainly didn’t perform as expected. However, this is the Pros section, let’s talk about what’s good here, and leave the considerations afterwards. 

First of all, the details and contrasts are very clear-presented. The images stay very sharp to the very edge of the field of view. Secondly, the Pentax AP 8×30 WP produces very natural colors. Speaking of the edge, the blurring at the edge is little and natural enough to make a pleasing experience. Last but not least, we found this Pentax has perfect collimation. Well, we have to say that you could even expect those performances in high tier products.

  • For this characteristic, we rate 8/10
pentax binoculars ap 8x30 wp oculars
pentax binoculars ap 8×30 wp oculars


The focus wheel is big and centrally placed. The turn is quite smooth with a range of 190 degrees. In fact, no matter how much turn and pressure we put on the eyepieces, it doesn’t lose focus. Quite impressive!

  • For this characteristic, we rate 8.5/10


Well, it’s a 8×30 binoculars version, it should be, and it is. 16.2 oz is just lightweight for anyone. Moreover, these Pentax binoculars are quite ergonomic. The overall design looks a bit too much horizontally initially. However, when we actually used it, it turned out quite fit in our luggages and palm.  

  • For this characteristic, we rate 8/10

Build quality

The rubber armor of these 8×30 binoculars is quite thick, it feels quite rough in the hand and can prevent sudden shocks. The textures are almost everywhere on the surface, though it doesn’t look too rugged from outside. But it does provide a certain amount of grippiness to avoid slippery in wet or rainy conditions.

Finally, being waterproof and fogproof would help surviving through harsh weather. From the brand: “Waterproof and nitrogen-filled (JIS Class 6) to handle the most extreme weather conditions (submersible to 1m)”.

  • For this characteristic, we rate 8.5/10


  • Distortion: 

It certainly didn’t perform well enough, we saw significant distortion out of correction.

  • Chromatic aberration:

There are noticeable color fringes with these Pentax binoculars. It’s ok in the center, and getting larger at the edge. 

  • Astigmatism: It’s noticeable enough
  • Close focus distance: Some of you may not care, but it’s still a weakness. Those who are interested in insects or flowers observation could take notice of this detail. 9.85 feet is just not good.
  • It’s not very smooth experience attaching the lens cap to the carrying strap

Pentax binoculars AP 8×30 WP: The verdict

pentax binoculars ap 8x30 wp is it a blindbuy
pentax binoculars ap 8×30 wp is it a blindbuy

To respond to our title: is it a blindbuy? Probably NOT. However, to our observations, these Pentax binoculars are fairly received in Holland or German markets. It’s quite nice for binoculars beginners, especially with a very affordable price tag. 

This 8×30 binoculars is bright, clean and sharp in optics quality, rich in contrast and details for image quality, strong endurance and smooth focus experience, hunters beginners might like it. There are certain flaws, to be honest, quite noticeable. But if you’re a beginner, there are possibilities that you might not realize them. However, if you’re experienced enough, we highly doubt you won’t find them bothered.

If you want more comparisons, then maybe the Bushnell H2O or Nikon Prostaff 7s are worth considering to alternate. 

Last but not least, any comments or suggestions for us, feel free to comment below.