Cabelas binoculars Intensity HD: Hunters should consider

From our introduction, you may have already known that this Cabelas binoculars is used for outdoor purposes like birding, hunting, sightseeing,… However, this is strongly recommended by the community for the similarity to hunters’ characteristics. Plus, it would suit your pocket anyway. Let’s dive in to see what’s so interesting about the Cabelas Intensity HD binoculars.

Cabelas binoculars Intensity HD figures


Cabelas Intensity HD 10×42
Price  About $170 (depends on season and stores)
Magnification  10x
Objective diameter 42 mm
Field of view 340 feet
Close focus distance 8.2 feet
Weight  26.1 oz
Outer coated Rubber 
Chassis Magnesium-alloy
Glass type ED
Prism coating Fully multicoated
Prism  Roof prism
Waterproof  Yes 
Fogproof  Yes 
Tripod adapter  Yes 
Cabelas binoculars Intensity HD 10x42 product
Cabelas binoculars Intensity HD 10×42 product

Talking about hunting, we recommend you to use the 10×42 size as it’s mostly used for that activity (mostly because of the balance between magnification and field of view). In overall, it’s fairly cheap Cabelas binoculars with outstanding performance (compared to price). Specifically, we’ll talk about the characteristics that hunters really favor below. Last but not least, with long eye relief, it’s suitable for eyeglasses wearers. Our data is extracted from Cabelas main site to ensure transparency. 

Cabelas binoculars Intensity HD analysis


Field of view

The Cabelas binoculars intensity HD 10×42 own the field of view of 340 feet at 1000 yards. Which means, it’s better than the “hunting icon” Vortex Diamondback 10×42 (330 feet). We think that’s enough to discuss it.

  • For this characteristics, we rate 9/10

Optics quality

No complaints can be given about the light transmission ability of this Cabelas binoculars. The brightness is very rich, clear and pleasing. Especially, the fully multi coated glass ensures the least glare and reflection that you can imagine. 

  • For this characteristics, we rate 9/10

Image quality

First of all, let’s talk about the color, it’s natural as true to life. The contrast and details of the image are very sharp and highly resolute. We tested it by observing deers, and we’re very happy about how well we can distinguish the spots and our overall objects. This is also the killer factor for most hunters’ demand for binoculars. 

Last but not least, we found this feature of Cabelas Intensity HD 10×42 from most high-end binoculars. It’s the little to no distortion. In general, we’re much more than pleased with the high quality image viewing experience that it brings, that’s how an HD glass should perform.

  • For this characteristics, we rate 8/10

Build quality

Having to travel in tough circumstances and areas frequently, you would want a strong build quality binocular. This Cabelas binocular is here to seal the deal.

The Cabelas Intensity HD uses magnesium alloy chassis, which is quite unexpected for cheap options. It’s a much more expensive material and also better compared to aluminum. Well, at least with this investment from Cabelas binoculars, you can feel safe about the inside interior.

Cabelas binoculars Intensity HD 10x42
Cabelas binoculars Intensity HD 10×42

The rubber outer coat is tough enough to endure sudden shocks, and also feel very secure in the hand as well. That’s also because of the nearly full textures over the outer surface. Which, helps adding grippiness to avoid slippery. The non-textured areas are not within the palm placement position, so it doesn’t matter to us.

Last but not least, being waterproof and fogproof contributes to good longevity. Specifically, Intensity HD Binoculars O-ring are sealed for fog-proof performance and an IPX7 waterproof rating that withstands submersion for 30 minutes. It facilitates hunters more time to prepare in case of sudden tough weather conditions happening (rain, fogginess,…). 

  • For this characteristics, we rate 9/10


Focus experience of the Cabelas Intensity HD is quite smooth. When turning around the wheel, it doesn’t feel stiff or sloppy. We like this oversize focus wheel. The central focusing of the field of view is also quite smooth, we can keep track of the objects quite well.

  • For this characteristics, we rate 8.5/10


Blurriness of the edge

It’s not the clearest experience, but we can’t put it out of this category. The central field of view of this Cabelas binoculars is really good, but the edge is not fine enough. How to say, it’s slightly fuzzy, not a bad experience, but noticeable enough.

Low-light conditions

We were very concerned about this decision, but it has to be made. Other criteria, the Cabelas Intensity outperforms how it should be compared to the price range. But in this category, it’s not fine enough, just a tiny bit below average (compared to $200 options) to be honest. It’s not the worst experience, we still can control everything, we still can see things ok, but we definitely cannot place it in the advantage segment. Therefore, you can consider here.

Cabelas binoculars Intensity HD overall verdict

After all, it’s still a recommended option for beginner hunters in a lot of lists of suggestions.

Speaking of the weakness, the first one cannot be easily recognized by newbies. Hence, you might not have to worry about it, unless you’re experienced enough to really put it into consideration. The second weakness is more worth considering, especially if you like to go hunting at dawn. However, it can still be controlled. And remember, it’s not too bad, we can still accept it.

Other than those, this Cabelas binoculars is definitely outperforming its price tag. Speaking of price, the Cabelas Intensity is among the affordable ED options in the binoculars world. Strong, good performance, ergonomic design, what else are you looking for?

Well, if things are still not persuaded enough yet. You can always get to the iconic Vortex Diamond (please read our review first).

Any other concern, feel free to leave your comment below.