Alpen Binoculars Wings 8×42 ED review: Approachable ED option!

Of course, there’s no such perfect option, we’ll try to give the most considerable review. This is the first review of Alpen Binoculars on our website, we hope to have more. Let’s go straight to the point from below.

alpen binoculars wings ed 8x42 review bestbuybinoculars
alpen binoculars wings ed 8×42 review bestbuybinoculars

General information Alpen Binoculars Wings 8×42 ED

This Alpen Wings 8×42 ED was produced by Alpen Optics in 2009, with ED and non ED versions. We won’t be reviewing the non ED one as the ED one is much more valuable and cost effective. 

Speaking of cost, the price is about $210, very approachable. These Alpen binoculars are waterproof binoculars. The weight is about 24.2 oz, not very lightweight but shouldn’t bring any uncomfort as well. Close focus distance, a not very significant criterion, is about 8ft, which is OK enough. That’s all, now let’s dive into the real important details.

Alpen Binoculars Wings 8×42 ED: Product specifications


Technical aspects Alpen Binoculars Wings 8×42 ED
Magnification 8x
Objective Diameter 42 mm
Weight  24.2 oz
Field of view @1000 yards 406 feet
Eye relief 17.3 mm
Close focusing distance  8 feet
Prism system Roof prism
Focus type Central focus
Optics information Lens coating: Fully multi-layer coated

Prism & prism coating: BAK-4 roof prism

Glass Type ED
Waterproof Yes
Gas field Nitrogen filling, argon filling
Brand  Alpen Optics


The good of Alpen Binoculars Wings 8×42 ED

Field of view

Definitely, 406 feet is among the top farthest viewing ability already. All your activities will be completely comfortable with this field of view.

  • For this characteristic, we rate: 9/10

Optics quality

Of course, with the fully-multi coated lens, we expect the light transmission of this Alpen binoculars to be good. And indeed, it does. The brightness is definitely good, very bright, clean and clear. Bonus, we’re really happy with the color neutrality of this Alpen Wings 8×42 ED.

  • For this characteristic, we rate: 8.5/10

Image quality 

As a whole, we’re pleased with the image quality of this Alpen Wings. However, there’re still some considerations, but let’s leave them in the below segment. Now turn to what we like.

First of all, the contrast of the image is absolutely a huge plus. We saw amazing details from the objects while viewing nature with this Alpen binoculars. The darkening effect is very light and natural. Combined with great light transmission, contrast, you can expect a wonderful viewing experience.

Speaking of collimation: perfect. The viewing experience is so right on point, amazingly collimated. This is how ED binoculars should be!

About chromatic aberration, we’re a little bit concerned here. We did realize the color frings. Things look so right in the center, but on the edge, it’s definitely more noticeable. We guess not all people would realize this. So yeah, chromatic aberration resistance is still on the good side.

  • For this characteristic, we rate: 8/10


The focus knob of the binocular is in the center and focus is center focus type as well. Actions of turning the wheel is quite smooth. Nevertheless, we still feel a bit of slight grip to avoid over-loose experience. 

The focusing image is very clear and the turning of focus is quite smooth as well.

  • For this characteristic, we rate: 8.5/10

Build quality

Good quality rubber is what we can feel, thick and quite strong in the palm. This Alpen binoculars is not fully textured over the outer surface. But there’s a quite large texture area in the palm position, which ensures a certain grip to avoid slippery. The color and design of this Alpen Wings ED reminds us a lot of the Swarovski EL, the focus knob and hinge are placed nearly in the same position. However, the textures of Alpen Binoculars on the body are larger in terms of size. 

The eyecups are made of plastics with three twist-up regulation stops and followed by a helical twist mechanism. The interpupillary distance range is about 54-73 mm, we think it suits narrower face people more. 

  • For this characteristic, we rate: 8/10
alpen binoculars wings ed 8x42 body bestbuybinoculars
alpen binoculars wings ed 8×42 body bestbuybinoculars

Eye relief

17.3mm for eye relief is more than good for eyeglasses wearers.

  • For this characteristic, we rate: 9/10


This Alpen binoculars is fully waterproof and fogproof. When you buy these ED binoculars, you would get the rubber rainguard and objective lenses cover as well. So nearly no fear for bad weather.

  • For this characteristic, we rate: 9/10


The considerations of Alpen Binoculars Wings 8×42 ED

There might be some concern:

  • Distortion:  

For this characteristic, we rate 6/10

  • Blur at the edge of the field of view: 

Blurring at the edge area of the oculars is not something really unacceptable for binoculars. However, we don’t find this kind of blurring effect very natural with this Alpen Wings 8×42 ED. The blurring area is also a bit larger than expected, so we view this as a concern.

For this characteristic, we rate 5.5/10

  • Pin-cushioning: 

This is the effect of straight edges to bow inward at the outer edges of the field of view. We did observe this effect clearly enough. Not everyone would know this effect, but it’s worth mentioning as a concern.

For this characteristic, we rate 6/10

Alpen Binoculars Wings 8×42 ED: the verdict

Above are the pros and cons of this Alpen binoculars. We consider it to be enough for you to analyze and make a proper decision. There’s no such perfect option, we repeat this many times in our articles. However, we believe that most of the cons of this Alpen Wings 8×42 ED are not easily experienced, especially for the beginners. And of course, this is a very affordable ED option if you want something of good quality in return of your money.

For the ideal purposes of use, this Alpen binoculars are good for most of outdoor activities: birding, hunting, nature sightseeing,… If we really have to suggest an alternative, in terms of price comparison and ED feature, we would say that you could take a look at the Bushnell Legend L-Series. Don’t hesitate to consider various options before making any decision.

Last but not least, feel free to leave any comment below if you want to contribute anything to our community.